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2002 True Grits Fun Run

A special brand of motorcyclist will get on a bike powered by a leaf blower engine (50cc max) and pilot it around the North Georgia mountains for 60 miles waving at the cows and outrunning nothing but a few lazy chickens. Everything about this event is "tongue in cheek" including the fact that top speed on most of these machines is 20mph uphill and 55mph downhill (if there's a tailwind). These are not "pit bikes" (operational toy replicas) but are real motorcycles completely legal for street use.

The 1998 Honda Goldwing on the left has a motor of 1500cc in size.  The 1982 Honda MB5 on the right has a 50cc motor and is the one I rode in the Fun Run. The Goldwing motor is 30 times as large.
This is a brand new Aprilla RS50 I got to ride on a practice run. This sexy Italian is almost a full sized sport bike but is powered by a liquid cooled 50cc engine.  It's faster than most of the other bikes but forces the rider into a cramped "racing" position which is not compatible with my physique.
Two Wheels Only Motorcycle Resort owner Britt Turner (left) and another lady pose beside one of the older scooters that will participate in the event.
This Honda MB5 has a sidecar installed. The bike and rider finished the fun run with an adult and the dog in the side car.
Elvis was there on his spiffy new red Aprilla RS50
Perhaps her pants shrank in the laundry?
This crowd of bikes and riders is just the ones entered in the event. Spectators parked elsewhere on Sunday morning. About 130 bikes made the run.
Before the Parade and the official start of the Fun Run a riders meeting was held in front of the lodge.
Riders mount their steeds and begin to line up for the start of the fun run. Four bikes are released at a time in 15-second intervals.
TWO Owners GT (in the cow suit) and Britt Turner after the cow finished the run. Britt's glad he made it back so the lodge will have a rider to enter next year and GT is glad the bike made it back under such a heavy load.